Have you gotten on the podcast train yet?  I sure have!  I barely listen to music anymore – I even run to podcasts, which is probably one reason my pace is slower than it used to be lol.  They are entertaining, thought provoking, educational, positive.  I have 50something in my Apple subscribed list.  I thought I’d share some of my faves.  This collection is wide ranging.  If you know me well, you’ll know that my tastes are eclectic in any category of life anyway.  Since writing freaks me out (um, I speak with my camera instead) and I’m not an experienced blogger (yet, hopefully), I’ll keep my own synopsis of each one brief.  I’m including each podcasts’ name, iTunes link, website link if they have one, hosts(s) name, and their own description in quotes from their site.  These are in alphabetical order for lack of wanting to rate them or even group them by genre so you don’t miss something.  I hope you find a new gem of your own from this list, and please comment with your own suggestions too!

Armchair Expert



Hosts – Dax Shepard and Monica Padman

“Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.  What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.”

A lot of people know of this one, but in case you don’t, Dax is an actor (mostly known for Parenthood) and married to Kristen Bell (Frozen and A Good Place) and Monica is his bestie.  They are so fun to listen to and ask fantastic questions.  Each of their guests have so much insight to offer.  Whether well-known or more obscure, they’re all great conversations.

Behind the Braves



Hosts – Greg McMichael and Ricky Mast

One of the official podcasts from the Atlanta Braves organization.

“Behind the Braves, the official podcast of the Atlanta Braves, takes fans on a journey to uncover the stories – known and untold – about our beloved team. Former Braves closer, World Series champion and current director of alumni relations Greg McMichael and MLB.com’s Ricky Mast are joined by Braves legends, players and even famous fans, to share the passion and history of this proud franchise.”

The first of two(ish) Braves related podcasts on this list.  I love baseball and have been a Braves fan all my life.  My level of attention has ebbed and flowed over the years.  The 90s were special – World Series appearances with a win and many nights watching with college friends and my dad during the years I lived at home after college.  It’s really ramped up over the last several years though.  Looking back, it seems to coincide with when my son stopped playing.  I know he doesn’t miss it and that’s fine, but I sure miss being a baseball mom.  So now I’m one to the boys on my screen each summer evening.  Greg and Ricky have occasional recaps and current info, but mostly feature interviews with past and current players.

Behind the Shot



Host – Steve Brazill

“On the Behind the Shot podcast we try to get inside the mind of great photographers by taking a closer look behind one of their shots.”

Steve has a different take on a photography “how to” podcast.  Each episode features a photographer delving deep into one of their photos.  Some of them are even iconic ones you may remember.  As an example – those of you who are old enough to remember when John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette got married may remember the iconic photo that was used to announce their secret ceremony.  John and Carolyn walking out of the beautiful quaint church, John kissing Carolyn’s hand.  An episode featured that photographer, Denis Reggie, talking about that photo and all the circumstances around it.  Pretty cool!




Hosts – Dr. John Duffy and his wife Julie

“Dr. Duffy is a highly sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, certified life coach, parenting and relationship expert, and proud husband and father. He has been working with individuals, couples, teens, and families for nearly twenty years. Dr. Duffy’s refreshing and unique approach has provided the critical intervention and support needed to help thousands of individuals and families find their footing.”

Their own description is spot on.  I do enjoy listening to them talk about their life and issues around teens.  Dr. Duffy has another great podcast too called On Purpose.

Bokeh – The Photography Podcast



Host – Nathan Holritz

The founder of Photographer’s Edit, an editing service, hosts this business based podcast inspiring photographers and other creative entrepreneurs.  He’s been doing it a long time, over 400 episodes so far, so there’s lots of great content to uncover.

Branded by Bernel



Host – Bernel Wesbrook. 

“Join me every Saturday for a chat full of the best branding tips out there.  We obsess over the details so you don’t have to.”

I’ve met her several times at Tuesdays Together meetings here in Charlotte (before Covid of course).  She is so genuine and fun!  Her podcast is so new that she announced it while I was crafting this post so I put it off til after it launched.  She is a brand and website designer.  I just know it’s going to be enjoyable and informative.  I’m so excited for her and wanted to share it with you!

Breakthrough Brand Podcast



Host – Elizabeth McCravy

“I’m Elizabeth McCravy — a website designer and business strategist for female entrepreneurs. And, I’ve built a multiple six-figure web design business while in my early and mid 20s. I believe that how to build a thriving business shouldn’t be a secret. So, I’m here to pull back the curtain of all things successful business building.
On this podcast, you’ll find solo episodes that are tactical, actionable, and easy listening! Plus, you’ll find the occasional expert guest interview or lifestyle-related episode. Let’s build a business that feels amazing on the inside and also looks great from the outside.
We’re talking online marketing, graphic design, business strategy, and so much more! It’s time for you to build a breakthrough brand! Let’s go! “

Elizabeth is breath of fresh air!  She’s so relatable and down to earth and cute, and even her solo episode feel very conversational.  And she’s so inspiring, not just for business but for life too.  This blog post is actually thanks to her.  We spent the week after Christmas at my parents’ beach condo.  While on my run one day, I was listening to her latest episode about habits in the new year.  I decided during it to use her method to turn blogging into a habit, and I knew a podcast list would be my first one.

Coming to New York City



Hosts – Katie and Nils Smith

“Through courses, podcasts, pictures on Instagram and stories on a blog, I will give you insights into the things I learned when traveling here as well as the knowledge I’ve gained from raising my family in the city. And the great part is, I’ll be active on all of these platforms so if you ever have a question, I’ll be more than happy to answer it for you! Whether you’re visiting New York City for the first time or have dreams of moving here, Coming to NYC will have everything you need. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.”

They are my friends, they just don’t know it (well, Katie I do correspond on Instagram some).  Out of all the people I listen to, they are the ones I miss most when there’s a lag in recordings (along with my PhotoSpark girls featured below).  They are native Texans that decided to up and move with small children to New York City.  After the culture “stepping stone” of Brooklyn for a few years, they tried going back to Texas then within a year went back and settled in Manhattan.  They talk about their history, life in the city with a regular family, tips on being a tourist or even moving there.  I found them in the spring of 2019.  Before our family trip there, I was hunting for a talk about photographic views.  They hadn’t had their podcast long at that point, but already one with recommendations for family photo spots with scenic city views.  I was hooked!

Date Night with Jake and Page



Hosts – Jake and Page Fehling

Charlotte based, incredibly funny, great banter, well connected, informative guests.  They are a recent find for me and I haven’t listened to a lot yet, but I love it!  You can learn a ton about them and their personalities on their website, but there wasn’t a short paragraph about the podcast to quote here.

Life with Amy and Jordan



Hosts – Amy and Jordan Demos

“In the podcast, we’ll share the personal secrets and life strategies that we’ve learned (and are still learning) –– through both our successes and failures –– to hopefully help YOU live the best version of your life, one intentional choice at a time. Lessons in relationships, communication, business, faith, finances, time management, personal growth and so much more.”

Amy and Jordan are amazing and cute high school sweethearts turned elementary teachers turned fabulous photographers turned photog educators.  But their podcast isn’t really about photography and not much about business.  Anyone can get a lot out of it.  It’s just how they handle life in a very smart and Christian way with tips.

Mad and Bougie Photography Podcast


Hosts – Hilary Koon and Scott Stockton

Charlotte based hilarious and talented photographers and close friends that love craft beer and Disney.  Their podcast premise is fantastic – meet in a local brewery, highlight their beer and location and chat with another photographer guest.  They started in late 2019 and Covid stopped them so there aren’t many episodes, but I still wanted to include them.  They’re fantastic people.  Hilary even started the cool Charlotte area photographers Facebook group I’m a part of called BabeCLT.  You should check out the #babeclt hashtag on Instagram to see the great work from members.

Master Photography Podcast



Host – Jeff Harmon with rotating cohosts

This is a fantastic “how to” podcast!  So many these days focus on business, which is great, but I love that I can go to one that geeks out on gear and methods, etc.  They have other podcasts under their umbrella and a great FB community too!

No Stupid Questions



Hosts – Angela Duckworth and Stephen Dubner

“Stephen Dubner (co-author of the Freakonomics book series) and research psychologist Angela Duckworth (author of Grit) really like to ask people questions, and came to believe there’s no such thing as a stupid one. So they made a podcast where they can ask each other as many “stupid questions” as they want. In each episode Stephen and Angela take turns asking each other a question like: Why is it so hard to predict success? Can charisma be taught? Does familiarity really breed contempt? Wouldn’t it be better to have funerals before people die? What’s the best advice for being alone in public? What’s so good about friendship? Are ambitious people inherently selfish?”

I love them and their conversations.  My next run after their Sunday episode drops with usually be accompanied by them.  Such great snippets.  Their description I’ve copied above is informative enough.  But you should listen to every episode, and they’re so manageable at only around 30 minutes.

Outlander Cast



Hosts – Mary and Blake Larsen

“We are fans who have created a wholly unique fan experience for the television show Outlander. Outlander Cast and Blog is unique in the Outlander universe. We are one of the most popular Outlander online media sources in a fairly crowded fan universe. We offer fan resources that integrate a podcast and blog, as well as vibrant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The podcast, started in August of 2014, is hosted by Mary and Blake Larsen and has a unique premise: Mary has read the books; Blake has only seen the show. The blog staff is comprised of vetted fans who write regular posts (the blog averages two new posts weekly) and edited by two professional editors.”

I hope their description has told you a lot cause I don’t where to begin.  During each Outlander season as well as Droughtlander, they are a “must listen.”  We enjoy these two immensely.  Yes, I said we.  Jackson listens to them too.  Even got him a shirt from their shop for his last birthday.  They have truly created a second to none Outlander universe.  If you are an Outlander fan, as everyone really should be, then you must know about the world of OutlanderCast!!

PhotoBiz X



Host – Andrew Hellmich

“My mission is to have successful wedding and portrait photographers from all over the world open up and share what they know about the business of photography that they wished they had known years earlier. To have experts in every field of business deliver actionable and real advice targeted at a creating a successful photography business.”

Andrew is Australian, isn’t that reason enough!  Really, he is portrait photographer in Australia that started a podcast along with a great community.  I’ve enjoyed listening to him since my early days of podcast listening.  His life is interesting and his guests are always helpful and intriguing.  Super cool community too!




Hosts – Julie Ferneau and Kate Mills

“Photospark Show is a candid conversation about photography and business, sharing our ups and downs, providing relatable content to like-minded business owners looking to step up their business game.”

Where to start.  One of the first podcasts I got hooked to, therefore very special.  Two cool chicks in San Diego – one wedding photographer and one family photographer.  This one was introduced to me by our mutual friend Melissa McClure.  Funny story, I almost met Julie several years ago!  Would be quite a feat with us on both coasts.  I was at WPPI (a photography conference) in Las Vegas in 2018.  At the time, the girls had third host, Ashley.  I thought Julie and Ashley would be there and was really hoping to run into them.  One night I was hanging with Melissa and other friends in a common area at Mandalay Bay.  I was in a smaller group conversation and not paying attention.  A bit later I asked Melissa if they were around, and she’s like, “They were just here!”  Big face plant!  I did end up meeting Julie’s fiancé in line waiting for a headshot with Peter Hurley’s crew, so that was pretty cool!  Hopefully another chance will happen sometime.  In the meantime, I love listening to them like old friends.  Oh, and Melissa has been a fab guest on many podcasts, so search her name in your app of choice. In fact, you should also check out her websites to get to her social media channels for fun and info – https://melissamcclurecoaching.com/ and http://www.melissamcclure.com/

Science Rules with Bill Nye



Host – Bill Nye

“On Science Rules!, Bill Nye tackles your curliest questions on just about anything in the universe. Give him a call! Perhaps you’ve wondered: Should I stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? How often should I really be washing my pillowcase? Can I harvest energy from all those static-electricity shocks I get in the winter? With a little help from his sidekick Corey S. Powell, field experts, and special celebrity guests, Bill will answer those questions and convince you that science rules!”

Of course my science minded son introduced me to this one, but I enjoy it on my own.  So interesting and informative in a fun and conversational way.  Lots of topics and guests that aren’t so sciency too.

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat



Hosts – Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd

“Two leading UK photographers, Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd, chat about what it’s like to run a photography business today. With over 2 decades of experience between them, they share their thoughts and advice with their listeners. Including interviews with inspiring guests, you’ll be entertained, informed and also pick up lots of business tips along the way. Chats are often hilarious, sometimes vulnerable and always authentic.”

I think I found just over this past summer, but they’ve been at it for years.  Super fun friends, great banter, interesting and informative guests but also many episodes with just them, totally delightful.  So glad I found them!

Talking Chop



Host – Brad Rowland (every episode), Eric Cole, Scott Coleman

See my comments about my Braves fandom under the Behind the Braves listing.  These guys podcast more frequently and more about recaps, predictions, news, etc.  They aired one every night after each game during the playoffs – I really got used to listening to their voices on my runs!  Check out their website for much more extensive coverage.

The Express Podcast



Hosts – Dansby Swanson, Macen Howells and Mitch Lancaster

“We will cover a large amount of topics that are fueled towards making you the best version of yourself. Hosted by Macen, Dansby, and Mitchell.”

If you’re a Braves fan, you already know Dansby.  Even if not a baseball fall, you’re better off know him and his lifelong buddies.  Listening to them gives this 47 year old a great deal of hope for the world left to those currently in their 20s.  This podcast is not about baseball, although you get occasional insight on current happenings and the occasional guest is another teammate.  They are all about life and achieving daily and long term goals.  Give them a listen and introduce your teenagers to them too!  Also, Danby started an Atlanta charity that is funded through a clothing company that Mitch runs.  It is all called All Things Loyal (ATL).  If you know me personally and have seen the plethora of time I wear a gray sweatshirt with “good energy” embroidered on it, it came from them.  That website is https://www.allthingsloyal.com/

The Shared Shutter



Host – Sarah Kreig

“Sarah Krieg is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in branding and family films. She has met some wonderfully talented photographers over the years and decided to start a podcast to celebrate them and share their talents and inspiration with the listeners. Ready for some great tips and embarrassing moments? Then tune in and get ready to laugh and learn with us!”

So much fun!  Sarah just started podcasting over the summer (2020), but you wouldn’t know it as natural as she and her husband are with producing it and relating to her guests and the audience.  She has lead such an interesting life, and you can get so much out of the episodes even without a creative background.

The Stay Focused Podcast



Host – Emily Supiot

“Photography advice to help you stay focused in camera and with your photography goals! Beyond just tips and tricks this podcast was designed to not only to teach you but also guide you so you can feel focused on your photography goals.”

Emily is a super sweet Arizona based photographer turned educator.  She has a fantastic website and community called Cozy Clicks.  Her episodes are bite sized at under 30 minutes and chock full of great tips.

Vacation Mavens



Host – Kim Tate and Tamara Gruber

“Vacation Mavens is a family travel podcast offering destination guides, family travel tips, and ideas for parenting on the go. Co-hosted by Kimberly Tate from Stuffed Suitcase and Tamara Gruber from We3Travel, Vacation Mavens provides inspiration to jumpstart family vacation planning and tips to get you out the door. Join us each week as we chat with leading parenting and family travel experts. You’ll get the inside scoop on travel itineraries, destination recommendations, ideas for traveling on a budget, and tips for traveling with kids of all ages, interests and needs. From cruises, Disney and all-inclusives to destinations as exotic as Bali, China and Peru, we’ll cover it all and how to make the most of every family vacation.”

I think this is another one I found when planning our NYC trip a few years ago, and I continue to enjoy listening.  It fun to learn about various destinations, especially from a family perspective.  And we travel vicariously while listening during these Covid times!

Wine Road



Hosts – Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa

“The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay. Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience regarding, food, wine, events, and travel in and around Northern Sonoma County. Dubbed the Click and Clack of Wine—their snappy banter and laugh filled show provides insider tips on wine tasting and advice for listeners planning everything from a day trip to a two week stay in Wine Country.”

My husband’s 50th birthday was in 2020.  We were supposed to take our long awaited first trip to the Bay Area of San Fransisco to celebrate.  I found this podcast while planning.  Although the trip got put on hold, I’ve enjoyed listening and learning about the area and smaller wineries.  The podcast is part of a very extensive and informative website.

A bonus beyond podcasts – a Youtube channel!

Framily Travel aka The Broadway Bradshaws



The Bradshaws are a super awesome family bringing their love of Disney and each other to Youtube with tip on navigating the Orlando area parks during the pandemic.  Full disclaimer, Lindsay is my husband’s cousin.  She and her husband Jared are longtime Broadway actors.  Long story short, after it was clear Broadway was staying shut down for a while, they moved with their cute daughter Georgia to Orlando and started this new adventure sharing Disney.  It was a natural progression.  Before Covid, they took plenty of Disney vacations, not just domestically but around the world including Paris and Tokyo!  They are loads of fun and you won’t regret checking them out!

Well, that’s a wrap!  I might could’ve expanded more on my descriptions, but I really wanted to get this done and out into the world (and some I love too much to come up with the right words).  Hope you learned of a few options to add to your listening bank, learned a little about me along the way, and will tell me your favorites too!


Podcasts You Should Know

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Have you gotten on the podcast train yet?  I sure have!  I barely listen to music anymore – I even run to podcasts, which is probably one reason my pace is slower than it used to be lol.  They are entertaining, thought provoking, educational, positive.  I have 50something in my Apple subscribed list.  I thought […]

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